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We deliver strategic consulting, communications, and public engagement advice that unleashes our clients’ potential for growth in influence, reputation, and revenue.

We ensure that governments, political, non-profit, and multilateral organizations, industry associations, and corporations throughout the Caribbean benefit from engagement and persuasion strategies that allow them to successfully transform their countries and their institutions.

What can we do for you?

We are Open Current: cutting-edge, fluid, agile, and powerful.

Open Current is a Bahamian firm providing strategic communications & public engagement advice to governments, investors, Fortune 500 companies and international organizations.

  • We are an agency of impact and growth.
  • Our services encompass research & insights, public relations and government relations.
  • We are the only Bahamian firm with our own resources for data gathering, research and local policy experts.

A trusted partner for

government, organizations, industry associations and private sector corporations

Crisis Communications and Management

For our high profile clients, preparing for and successfully navigating internal and external crises through strategic communications and crisis...

Internal Communications and Change Management

Executives and HR leaders need to effectively engage with their teams while successfully managing challenges and achieving objectives during...

Media Relations

Navigating the media landscape and leveraging positive relationships with media stakeholders is vital for strategic communications success. The effective...

Foreign Direct Investor Relations

All investments include an element of risk and navigating the processes, communities, and media environments in a new jurisdiction...

Research & Insights

Successful strategies are built on a foundation of exceptional research. With our call-center, web, and social media gurus, skilled...

Public Relations

From press releases to event management, we have the experience and skill-set to strategize and implement effective, persuasive public...

Government Relations

Our relationships extend beyond the media, to the government’s executive and legislative branches, and the official opposition. We work...

M’wale M. Rahming
President & Senior Partner

M’wale Rahming has more than 20 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research with a wide range of clients. M’wale has developed...

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Open Current continues to expand with a raft of new clients, team members and network relationships with leading human/skills resources within the Caribbean.

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